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Cycling Resources

Cycling 101 - Cycling 101 calendar of rides plus tips, guides and maps designed specifically for beginning riders.

Ride Cue Sheet Library - Over 100 routes around Clark County.  Search for routes using distance, elevation, effort index (1 point for every mile and 50' of elevation gain), and other criteria.  Provides description, map and cue sheet, and when available a RWGPS link.

Bicycle Tire Resource Page - Guides, videos, and tips about fixing flats, tire inflation, and preventing flats.

Bike Inspection Basics - 
Will from Vancouver Cyclery walked us through a bike inspection. He talked about how to tell if various components needed servicing and how to do some of it yourself.

Document Library - Key Club documents including by-laws, Wheel Truth library, board minutes, position descriptions, Outstanding Service Award winners, RACC, and forms.