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Outstanding Service Award clarification
Joe Cote
A number of people have nominated Jan Verrinder for the Outstanding Service Award. While Jan is obviously deserving - she was given the award in 2011. As such, she is not "eligible" again since this is a lifetime achievement award which is only given once. However, that does not prevent us from again passing on our thanks to Jan for her dedication to the club.

As a reminder, here is a list of past awardees.

2008 Mike Viles
2009 Mike Lusby
2010 Anita and Tim Cannell
2011 Bob and Jan Verrinder
2012 Dennis Johnson
2013 Dennis and Nancy Funk
2014 Clay Kind
2015 Ayla Gokturk and Scott Martin
2016 Anne and Bill Moyers
2017 Nancy Cook and Mary McLaren
2018 Sally Butts and Vern Kimball
2019 James "Gus" Harmon
2020 no award
2021 Devin Bowen

Joe Cote

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