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RACC Fliers - Pioneer Century
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That is, under the windshield WIPERS.  If I try for the windshields, might get into some trouble! 😊

Thanks, Judy.

John, Charles, and Kristin:  I was going to put the flyers under the windshields in the parking lot.  If you are planning to do the same, please check first to see if one is already there and I will do the same.  Thanks.


Hi Everyone,

Four Vancouver Bike Club members (John Ost, Charles Shaw, Patrick Cotter & Kristin Lesseig) are putting RACC fliers on cars at the Pioneer Century. If you are participating in the event, please reach out to them and HELP. One of the things I did on the Monster Cookie Ride was hand out fliers at the rest stops. I would thank them for supporting the Salem Bike Club and here is a ride that you might enjoy. This is good PR for VBC as we are supporting Portland Cycling Club and promoting RACC. Thanks Judy

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