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This weekend is “Reach the Beach”, and I am not participating. I would drive to the starting point and put fliers on the cars, however my brother is coming from Shelton to do a list of projects for me. “Honey do list” in some peoples mind, but he’s not my honey, just my brother. Now that I really have your attention, are there any VBC members participating and willing to take fliers to hand out to participants? We did this for the Monster Cookie ride. We handed out the fliers, thanked them for participating in the ride and supporting Salem Bike Club, and please look at this ride – RACC. The latter was well received, and good PR for VBC.

Please let me know if you are able to do this. I’m riding the mini-quake on Wednesday, and leading the Friday Ride leaving from Starbucks. I can bring the fliers to you. Please let me know by e-mail ( or text me - 503-260-5821.

Thanks, Judy

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