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Bike-only night ride around PIR lights
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Monday, 11/28, 5:30pm 

Our Annual Bike the Lights ride to PIR's bikes-only night rolls rain or shine from Bike Clark County Monday evening!



Your bike! 




Now is the time to wear everything, especially a wind-blocking layer. 

 We ride together – casual and friendly.  (Code for:  you will not warm up from exertion)   



On the club calendar, of course. 



The club ride to PIR = free. 

Entrance fee = $15.  

Buy tickets online to speed your passage through the entry point (link given on the calendar).   

All proceeds benefit Sunshine Division‘s year-round hunger relief efforts. 




Maybe we have answers – so talk to us and see you tomorrow in the back lot of BCC!

Jan 360-607-3271 

Jim 360-737-9946 

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