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Lightning in a Saddle: The Evelyn Hamilton Story

Possibly the best true bike story you’ve never heard

Wednesday, November 8, 6:30-7:30
Joe Kurmaskie found one photo and was inspired to find out more. 
As an author and adventure cyclist himself, Joe uncovered and compiled the wild ride of Evelyn Hamilton:

  • biking with secrets in her handlebars during WWII
  • rescuing airmen by bike
  • fighting Nazis
  • setting sprint and distance records in the 1930s - sometimes on fixies and by candlelight
  • winning 60 races in 5 countries
  • besting men’s times under harsher conditions but barred from Tour de France

WHAT    Joe presents Evelyn’s inspirational story with vintage video, slides and lively storytelling.

WHERE  Vancouver Community Library, 901 C Street, Vancouver, WA


Also—because once is not enough—

WHEN    Mon, 11/6/2017, 6:30 – 7:30 pm

WHERE  Battle Ground Community Library

1207 SE 8th Way

Battle Ground, WA 

evelyn hamilton standing
evelyn hamilton legs
evelyn hamilton cheers

                    2017 Club Picnic
                                       Read about it in the August Wheel Truth !


Summer Mashfest 2017
is just around the corner...

Sunday, August 27th from 2:00 to 5:30 pm

 Pearson Air Museum Hanger, 1115 East 5th street, Vancouver
Come taste 15 beers made by home brewers,
vote for your favorite beer, and participate in the Bike Clark County raffle. 

All proceeds from Mashfest go to fund
Bike Clark County's summer kids' bike camp.

You can pick up your tickets at Bader Beer & Wine Supply,
Loowit Brewing Company, or online at Brown Paper Tickets.
For more information click on the link below.
Bring a beer-loving friend, and we'll see you there!

Thanks for your support!

What happens when our favorite 2 wheels
a 200-year birthday?

That’s right…the bicycle is turning 200 years old!

200th Birthday Bicycle Bash

We’re offering a day of rides on Sunday, June 11, to celebrate.
The rides have been designed with YOU in mind.
Want to ride fast (or slow)? There’s a ride for you.
Want to ride long (or short)? We got that covered.
A flat ride (or hilly)? Of course - we have that option, too.
All cyclists are welcome!
Bring a friend or come alone and make a friend!

Check out the RIDE CALENDAR and join us for 1, 2, or as many rides as you’d like.
Note:  list of rides is updating daily.  Check it out.  

A Bit of Bicycle History
Times were tough economically and environmentally in Germany in 1817.  A volcanic eruption's debris caused a temporary climate change and ruined harvests worldwide.  Without grains to feed horses, animals were slaughtered.  Horses were transportation.  

Baron Karl von Drais, a German aristocrat, sought a solution:  human-powered propulsion.  He named his machine after himself, simply attaching a French suffix for nouns, -enne to his name:  Draisenne. If you had invented the bike, it could be called Smithenne or whatever your last name is.  Kind of fun.

Others called it Laufmaschine, however, because it was like running and rolling.  The French renamed it Velocipede from Latin words "speed" and "foot", so Speedfoot.

As the bike evolved and became more affordable, more people used them including *gasp* women.  

From the Wall Street Journal's "Pedaling Through the Bicycle's 200 Years":

The idea of women on bicycles enraged certain conservative elements of society.

Cycling was said to make women oversexed, ill-behaved or infertile.

“Have you ever seen anything more off-putting, uglier, meaner than a wench on a bike?” asked the German magazine Youth in 1897.

That same year, protesting male students at Cambridge University hanged an effigy of a woman on a bike.

Wow.  VBC's Road Captain is a woman.  Along with several other board members and many ride leaders.  I guess we got past that nasty bit of history.

We can't end on that note!  Here's a short Youtube on women and bikes.  
If you subscribe to WSJ, this is a great article.  Link to interesting WSJ article

Other articles:  Bio of Drais  If you happen to be in Mannheim, they're having an exhibit and you can read about it here.


New Ride Series:  @BikeRiderCPA’s Abnormal Ride Series
First in the series-Easter Bunny Strava Art Ride

About the abnormal ride series - I have been told that I am an abnormal rider. I can live with that, and this series will celebrate that. This series will be rides that are atypical of our normal club rides. The rides may be very scenic and/or long and/or hilly and/or out of the area. Or they may just be silly fun. You be the judge.

It is a thing to create art on your Strava map, based on the route that you ride. Search “Strava Art” on Google and the click the images tab.
Recently I did a ride and Jay Small commented that it looked like the Easter bunny. And it does.

And what better day could there be to make Easter bunny art than on
Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017. Come and make art.
On the ride calendar here.

Dennis H is living proof that doing the taxes is not an automatic brain fry.  Thanks, Dennis, for the new series!
Easter Bunny Map Picture