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What happens when our favorite 2 wheels has 
a 200-year birthday?
The VBC knows how to celebrate!
That’s right…the bicycle is turning 
200 years old!

200th Birthday Bicycle Bash

We’re offering 12 hours of rides on Sunday, June 11, to commemorate this occasion.
The rides have been designed with YOU in mind.
Want to ride fast (or slow)? There’s a ride for you.
Want to ride long (or short)? We got that covered.
A flat ride (or hilly)? Of course - we have that option, too.
All cyclists are welcome!
Bring a friend or come alone and make a friend!

Check out the ride calendar and join us for 1, 2, or as many rides as you’d like.
Note:  list of rides is updating daily.  Check it out.

Link to interesting WSJ article

New Ride Series:  @BikeRiderCPA’s Abnormal Ride Series
First in the series-Easter Bunny Strava Art Ride

About the abnormal ride series - I have been told that I am an abnormal rider. I can live with that, and this series will celebrate that. This series will be rides that are atypical of our normal club rides. The rides may be very scenic and/or long and/or hilly and/or out of the area. Or they may just be silly fun. You be the judge.

It is a thing to create art on your Strava map, based on the route that you ride. Search “Strava Art” on Google and the click the images tab.
Recently I did a ride and Jay Small commented that it looked like the Easter bunny. And it does.

And what better day could there be to make Easter bunny art than on
Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017. Come and make art.
On the ride calendar here.

Dennis H is living proof that doing the taxes is not an automatic brain fry.  Thanks, Dennis, for the new series!
Easter Bunny Map Picture

April 12, Wednesday, 7-8:30pm
Movie: Bicycling the Last Frontier

Mazamas clubhouse,  527 SE 43rd Ave, Portland
Join Tim Bailey as he shares a multi-media presentation about his 33-day adventure, across Alaska from bottom to top, traveling more than 1,400 miles over some of the most isolated roads on the continent.
We could ride there.  
It's about 11 miles from the I-5 bridge
and it will be Daylight Savings Time by then...

Are you new to touring?
Do you like to have fun?
Want to meet nice folks?
Sign up today!

Jim O'Horo Memorial
Columbia Gorge Explorer ’17, a 4-day VBC Bike Camping Tour

Set aside Memorial Day Weekend!


Our good friend Jim O'Horo led this ride for years.  Others are now continuing this gift of time and effort to bring VBC and PWTC riders together on a life-changing adventure.  Seriously, talk to any of them.  They love this ride.

So - want to try bicycle camping (loaded touring)? Not ready to invest a huge chunk of time and effort?  Here’s an opportunity to dip your toe in the water while enjoying some of the most spectacular scenery in North America.

This moderately-paced tour covers 55-65 miles/day traveling east on the Washington side, crossing the Columbia at Hwy. 97 and returning on the Oregon side allowing plenty of time for sightseeing along the way.

Day 1: Vancouver to Home Valley (7 miles east of Stevenson, WA) – 51 miles

Day 2: Home Valley to Deschutes River State Rec. Area near Biggs, OR – 63 miles

Day 3: Deschutes to Viento State Pk. West of Hood River – 55 miles

Day 4: back home – 64 miles


There’s so much to see and do along this route you can’t possibly do it all. Along with cue sheets we’ll supply a laundry list of possibilities, and you can select your favorites.

Yes, there are some hills, but no long grades exceeding 7%, and at the expense of missing some of the scenery, some of these hills can be bypassed. There is NO SAG provided for this tour – it’s set up for camping along the way with riders carrying their own gear, but in the Gorge there are enough restaurants and stores that some riders don’t even carry cooking gear or food. If you’re planning on riding with full gear, find a partner or two so you can share gear and lighten each other’s load.

This tour has run for 15 previous years to rave reviews. You’ll need to be in proper physical condition for the riding, but if you’re inexperienced at loaded touring, you need not worry. Several experienced riders, some with mechanical skills, are already signed up, so help will be available if you get into difficulty.

Although designed for camping, the route includes enough motels and B&Bs to provide other lodging options. Each day has multiple opportunities to stop at cafes, restaurants and grocery stores. Some riders carry most of their food, others eat out as much as possible.

Tour leaves in small groups starting 8:00AM, FRIDAY May 26, Larson’s Bakery, 13411 SE Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver.

For more info and to RSVP contact
Ride Leader Kyly McMurray at 360-608-8931 or
Brian Woodward 

Note: We need to collect a nonrefundable campground reservation cost in advance. Reserved group space is limited. $15/person ($5/night). Campgrounds fill all nights, so contact us and get your money in pronto.